Why is it important to have regular maintenance on my home comfort equipment?

Your comfort and safety is our top priority at The Hydronics Team. Regular scheduled maintenance helps us to ensure both.
It's always a good idea to prevent problems before they start. Just like a car, home comfort equipment performs at its best with regular scheduled maintenance and inspections completed by a qualified technician.

The Hydronics Team has TSSA certified technicians that are highly-qualified to maintain all your hydronic heating and cooling equipment year-round. Ask us about our planned service program and help to avoid potentially costly problems, before they start.

Planned Service Will Help Keep Your Home Safe

Carbon monoxide in your home is an invisible threat to your safety, but it is a threat that is preventable. Cars and trucks, lawn equipment, water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, furnaces, space heaters, and other combustion appliances are some of the potential sources of carbon monoxide. Though designed to be safe and not produce carbon monoxide, home heating systems do produce carbon monoxide. In addition, negative pressure in your home and with improper combustion, can lead to carbon monoxide entering your living space. Negative pressure can be caused by central vacuum systems, high volume kitchen range hoods, counter top range exhaust systems, bathroom exhaust fans, and particularly fireplaces which can remove an enormous amount of air from your home when burning.

Prevention is the most important step to take to reduce carbon monoxide problems. That’s why it is important to schedule annual maintenance visits by a qualified technician to check combustion appliances to make sure they are operating properly and to be sure that all chimneys and vents are connected properly and not blocked.

Benefits of Planned Service

Regular service helps to maintain efficient operation, which saves you energy dollars.

Regular service lengthens the life of the equipment by keeping it in good working condition.

Regular service assures you are serviced by experienced and qualified technicians, who will be there when you need them.

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